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Chicco Soft and Dream Baby Carrier New Fire (Maroon) is the best product that has made to feel them happy. When you go anywhere with your baby, it is the best thing to carry your baby comfortably. This carrier allows you to carry your baby in 3 different positions. The “sleep well” lying position, particularly recommended for the first months, parent facing and facing forward. It is recommended for babies up to 9 kg. Chicco Soft and Dream Carrier is easy to use and helpful in going anywhere about their busy days. It has side adjustment features by which you can adjust your baby carrier to every stage of baby’s growth. To support baby’s back, it uses anatomical padding and in breathable fabric. You can also adjust the side of the carrier with buckle and double security lock that ensures the perfect fit to your baby’s body.

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Chicco Soft and Dream Baby Carrier New Fire

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Product Information

Brand: Chicco
Model Number: 06079402190000
Item Weight: 998 g
Target Gender: Unisex
Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Product Color: Maroon
Age Group: Newborn
Weight Capacity: 9 Kg

Chicco Soft and Dreamy carrier can be used from new born baby to 12 months old baby. When you are standing or walking then the baby carrier can be used to hold your baby. As like the above lines Manufacturer has given some general instructions to use the carrier in which some of them are following:

  • Always put the carrier on before placing your baby inside.
  • When you are removing or placing your baby inside, you should sit down.
  • Before using the baby carrier you should check that the straps are positioned and adjusted correctly and the safety clasps are fastened.
  • When your baby is kept inside the carrier, you should check that the capacity straps are regulated properly and adjust them if it is not.
  • You should always check that there is sufficient space around baby’s face to ensure correct air circulation.
  • When your baby can hold his head up and keep his shoulders upright by himself then you can carry him in front-facing mode.

This baby carrier is now available on online shopping. You can easily buy Chicco Soft and Dreamy Carrier from, or Your newborn baby is precious so, always give them comfort feelings while going with this baby carrier. So, visit on the any of the above given websites to buy this comfortable baby carrier.

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