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Barbie I Can be Magician Doll is a great combination of barbie doll and magic accessories. It is a package of fun and creativity that can create a new world for your kids. It brings a great entertainment and excitement to kids along with learning skills. It is also a very good idea for gifting, that can surprise your kids with great amaze. The barbie dolls are always the ideal for kids that is available in many variants, barbie doll with magical tricks is the best for all girls who are creative and artist. It builds up your kid with creative mind and grasping skills.


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Barbie I Can be Magician Doll builds up good skills on your kid. Kids learn to arrange things and keep accessories in well managed way. The growing kids get the shape in a right direction and get nurtured in the right shape. The kids grow with positive thinking when they get the a doll to handle and care with accessories to arrange and balance. The learn to keep clean the barbie and her dresses. The barbie has got lots of things and it is very interactive looking. It looks very real and natural. Barbie is beautiful as well as very pretty to keep your kid inspiring and happy.

Barbie I Can be Magician Doll has got few specifications that describe well why to gift your baby this doll only:

  • Kids can play out the role of magician

  • The pack includes barbie doll as well as magician’s hat, wand, deck of cards, and sparkly bunny

  • Barbie is dressed in a long purple gown with sparkle and long white sleeves

  • Too much fun and skills to explore

  • Item weight is 272 gram

  • The non toxic material for your baby is used in the dolls

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