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SDL327310296_1373361694_image1-79d25Philips avent 9 ounce feeding bottle is the name given to the quality product baby bottle that is meant to provide a good care and comfort to your baby when you feed them. To protect your child and to provide the best possible comfort with softness the philips avent baby bottles are the best. The soft touch and the anti-bacterial wall of the bottle does not take stains or germs on it. It is easy to clean bottle that has the capacity to contain 9 ounce of milk. There are lots of good points about the bottle that could win the trust of parents to care their child. Let us have a look at all of them.

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Philips avent 9 ounce feeding bottle that has got very natural touch and shaped nipples that reduce colic and help baby switch easily from breast to bottles. The baby gets it easy to control the rhythm in a continuous flow of milk. Replace bottle nipple every three months else if it appears to be damaged the bottle nipple needs to be changed. This is an imported product. The continuous flow of milk significantly reduces air intake to the body thus no painful gas problem after feeding. There are few more points from a different aspect of view let us check them here in the below paragraph.


Philips avent 9 ounce feeding bottle has got lot more benefits that a buyer must be aware of. The philips avent baby bottles are clinically proven that reduce fussing. Doesn’t let the air pass into your baby’s tummy. BPA- free with PES material quality for extra durability. Only three components are contained as a whole in the bottle. The material is very good and the specifications are very unique about the bottle. The bottle has got the mother touch for the baby that will be good to switch as bottle from breast.

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