Huggies Diapers The Hidden Care Of Mother Buy Online


Huggies dry diapers are the best as always, it has got the mother power in it to secure baby skin and to protect it from rashes pain. A mother has got the power to protect it’s child from all kind of pains and troubles. Similarly the huggies diapers are very good that protect baby from all the cleaning and diapering aspects. It’s soft touch and dry sheet with anti bacterial formula is awesome to keep safe your child. The specifications of the huggies diaper has got the all goods of nature and the essentials that your baby requires.

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Huggies dry diaper has the safe and no side effect nurtured basics that can protect your baby’s down areas. It saves your baby from infections and other outer dust and viruses. Along with it the huggies diaper dry keeps itself moderated airy that proper dryness and hygeine is provided to the baby. The diaper specifications could be understood as below by the following:

  1. Cloth like airfresh cover

  2. Blue speed dry layer

  3. Quick lock system to help stop leaks

  4. It can absorb upto 6 wettings of the baby

  5. Spreads the fluid throughout the pad

  6. Good for babies from 7 to 12 kgs

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