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Huggies Wonder Pants Medium Size Diapers is now available online. If want to buy the diapers and you not have much time to go to the market, you can bring it in your house without going to the market. There are several e-commerce websites that make you available all the products for your new born baby. You can visit on,, or to buy any best product for your  baby. Here you can buy Huggies Wonder -pants – medium at very minimum cost. The service from Flipcart, Amazon, and Snapdeal is very good and provides you the product timely.

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Huggies Wonder-pants-Medium
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Everybody loves their baby and do not want any compromise with their things. They always want to use the product which is more comfortable for the baby. The quality of Huggies Wonder Pants Medium diapers is good and comfortable to wear and tear. It is the best diapers for the baby which is reliable, safe and rash free. Its speed dry layer pulls in wetness instantly and keeps dry the baby’s skin. It has leak lock system that keeps the wetness away from the baby’s skin. It protect the baby’s skin from spreading the fluid throughout the pad and lock the fluid from the absorbent core. It also has double leak guard that prevents the leakage along the sides. Its snug fit feature allows the diapers to be worn any side.

Product Details:

Brand: Huggies
Type: Wonder Pants
Design: Soft Hug Design
Model Number: 10014694
SUPC:  SDL110082926
Minimum Weight Recommendation: 7 kg
Maximum Weight Recommendation: 12 kg
Number of reclining positions: 6
Is portable: Yes
Product Code: KCH-WP-M-64
Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Item Weight: 1.3 kg
Item Contain: 44
Minimum Suggested Age in Months: 3 months

Huggies Wonder Pants is the best diapers come in market. It has so many features that protects the baby’s waist and bottom. It can pull the wetness quickly and keeps the skin dry. This diapers is now available on Flipcart, Snapdeal, and Amazon. So, if you have to buy this product order now and get a great discount with it.

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