dealsKart Skip Ball Sports Swing Ball Jump Rope Dance Flash Kids Exercise Balance Hoop Jump Toy ONE Leg Jumping Ring for Boys and Girls ( Multi Color ) – ₹ 375.00

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Price: ₹ 1,200.00 - ₹ 375.00

Principle: The use of leverage fulcrum principle, cleverly promote the coordination of movement of the feet. Place one foot in the hoop and set the spinner skipping for a fun jumping game. Features: –Jumping Toy Assorted Colors Swing Balls –Play with your child –The shaft is super flexible, the toy is more resistant to play –Induction lighting, less electricity and more durable –The body contact parts are installed with high quality PP sponge Parameter: Length: 25.59in Ball diameter: 3.54in Hand ring diameter: 6.29in Material: plastic Package include: 1* Sports Swing Bal

Game Interaction: The Skip Ball is a great game interaction toy, this super-healthy exercise not only challenges your child’s imagination,but also keeps them active in the game and deepens your relationship with your child.
Easy to Play: Place one foot in the hoop and gently turn the skipping rope for a fun jumping game,suitable for children over 3 years old and adults.
Great Exercise: Swing ball helps to develop children’s coordination and motor function, while burning excess energy.
Colorful flash wheel built-in LED lamp beads to emit cooling lights, very eye-catching,Turning energy production and turn the faster and more brighter ,that makes the sport swing ball more fun and playable,especially at night.

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