DearJoy Baby Bedding Set/Baby Bedding Set with Mosquito Net and Baby Play Gym with Mosquito Net (Pink Bunny Print) – ₹ 649.00

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Price: ₹ 1,500.00 - ₹ 649.00

Product Description


A must product for every new born baby between 0 to 6 months (Boys and Girls). This play gym comes loaded with colorful toys for your baby. Soft and safe, it helps your babies to start identifying colors and objects. During lay & play time, hanging activity toys encourage teeny-tiny ones to reach, bat & play! Lower the toys or move them to the soft mat to encourage the baby to push up for tummy time fun! It keeps your child occupied and helps them in developing an early response system. Babies exposed to beautiful and joyful colors are happy babies and DearJoy believes in spreading happiness!


DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym with Mosquito Net and Baby Bedding Set

Very good quality and the thickest base in its range because DearJoy cares!These products are constructed of sturdy, pre-tested material, so they are “kid tough”Easy to fold, store and washLoaded with colorful toys, repositionable panel with tactile playSize: 78*63*58 cm


Cotton bedding with pillow

The bedding set comes with a 4 cm thick cotton bedding for your new newborn’s tummy time fun and sleep time along with a soft pillow to provide your baby with neck & head support while sleeping.


Mosquito net with zip

The mosquito net with zipper protects your little one from insects and mosquitoes.

Colorful toys







BPA free teecher

Toys of different shapes and colors

Detachable rings to add your own toys/ rattles


Look for DearJoy logo in the print as a mark of authenticity and trust!

These products are constructed of sturdy, pre-tested material, so they are kid tough
Easy to fold, store and wash
Loaded with colorful toys, re-position able panel with tactile play
Size: 70 X 60 X 60 cm

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