FARETO Born Baby Teddy Print Mattress with Mosquito Net & Sleeping Bag Combo (0-6 Months) (Pista Green) – ₹ 569.00

Price: ₹ 1,299.00 - ₹ 569.00

Product Description

Set up a secure and sound sleeping surface for your baby with the Sleeping Bag and Bed Combo from FARETO. These new born baby accessories can also be gifted to expecting mothers and new members of the family of age groups ranging up to 0-6 months. They are crafted for comfort and convenience to allow your young ones to sleep soundly any time.

Smooth Sleeping Bag

Build with this sleeping bag a peaceful and safe place to sleep for your child. It can maintain a constant temperature and allow your baby to move freely inside. It is suitable for long journeys and vacations.

Baby Bed with Plush Pillow

A gentle mattress and pull-out sleeping pillow also accompany this combination. Enable your baby to sleep peacefully. The pillow provides the baby’s neck with the best support and acts as a soft headrest.

Crafted for Comfort

The outer surface of the sheet, mattress and sleeping bag is made of organic cotton fabric. Such devices are therefore safe and very sturdy. We only use high-quality, robust and softly coated recron filling.

Anti-Mosquito Net

A breathable mosquito-resistant net is provided in the sleeping bed. It serves as a protective shield between your child and the mosquitoes, thereby creating an environment free from mosquitoes without the use of harmful chemicals.

Subtle and Adorable Prints

The outer surface of this baby product is printed out with lovely prints and designs which can be attractive and visually relaxing for the infant. You can wash and re-use the sleeping bag again. The prints do not fade away over time.

Portable and Compact Design

A combination of baby sleeping accessories are planned to be carried wherever the baby goes. You may fold them in a bag or in the boot of a car. Their portability is high and are light in weight.

Both products have same design cloth, while the sleeping bag provides proper support to the baby while you carry your little one around
Mosquito net allows fresh air to breeze in while blocks out insects and mosquitoes
Soft sleeping bag helps you to hold your baby and take in into the comfort zone
All season used baby product for your tinny ones, click and share beautiful pictures of your baby with this sleeping bag & net bed

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