Happy2buy Pack Of 4 Child Protector Safety Foam Corner Guard, Protectors Anti-Collision Edge Guard, Protect your baby from Sharp edge, Childproofing Corner Guard (Black) – ₹ 299.00

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Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 299.00

Babies fall countless times while learning to walk. Any experienced parent knows a hard fall against a coffee table corner can result in a painful bruise or cut, even a trip to the hospital. Padding the sharp corners in your home is a great way to keep your baby safe when they’re most fragile. Our Baby Proofing Corner Protector is designed and tested for use with children of all ages. Simply peel the adhesive backing and stick to the corners of tables, desks, and other furniture.
★The L-shaped corner cushions are made of soft impact-absorbing foam. And these corner guards are extremely thick and super durable. To protect toddlers from sharp edges in a healthier way.
★These corner edge protectors are easy to install. Please stick the inside of baby proofing corner guards with the double-sided tape and press it 30 seconds, then corner bumpers will be fastened securely to the edge. Quickly and easily to remove if it is no longer needed.
★Completely childproof the sharp edges and corners in your home without damaging your beautiful furniture. Our baby safety corner guards use long-lasting with adhesive tape that sticks on Wood, Glass, Steel, and Ceramic surfaces.
★Perfectly protect your child from both sharp edges and corners.
★Super soft foam material used for ultimate protection.

Installation Method:
1. Clean up dust/water/oil on your furniture surface, make sure the surface clean.
2. Remove the tape backing, press the guards tightly.
3. Wait at least 24 hours before the guards starting to work.
4. Don’t touch the adhesive surface of the tape with your hands.

DENSITY PROTECTION IS BETTER THAN THICKNESS PROTECTION: Our soft, high density cushion covering will absorb and protect against hard, sharp edges and corners; Apply on wall edging, glass tables, beds, kitchen units, desk, bedroom furniture, TV cabinets and table stands, bookcases, brick fireplace,and more
EASY TO INSTALL: With provided double-sided tapes, keep corner cushions securely fastened without damaging furniture, easy to remove.
VARIOUS USAGES: The corner counter protector comes with 3M double sided Adhesive tape,simply peel the back of the tape,and place at the desired corner where you want.It can usually be used for bedroom,living room,kitchen and other places,can be installed at will.
EASY TO REMOVE ADHESIVE: Place a moderately warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften, lift from one side and peel off. Any remaining adhesive can be rolled off and you can use a little bit of furniture polish for a final clean up.

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