HIPPO Indoor Balcony Safety Net w Eyelets – White Color(Transparent) – 1 Piece (0.80 M X 4 M) – ₹ 795.00

Price: ₹ 1,795.00 - ₹ 795.00

Hippo Balcony safety net protects your loved one from the dangers of open staircase and balcony banisters.Stitched with UV stabilized threads and reinforced with brass eyelets. Hippo Balcony net comes in different color and sizes. The package also includes along tie cords that facilitate installation of the nets.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor staircase and open balcony
Highly durable, cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing safety solution for balconies
Easy to wash, clean and maintain
Package includes plastic tie-cords for immediate and hassle free installation

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