Kradyl Kroft 5in1 Baby Feeding Pillow with Detachable Cotton Cover – ₹ 949.00

Price: ₹ 1,999.00 - ₹ 949.00

Original Kradyl Kroft 5in1 Baby Feeding Pillow with a detachable Zippered cover Plus a Infant Hoop belt for playful times.

This product is made from Hypoallergenic, Firm “TerraFirma” Near Down MicroFibre used to give it a gentle firmness and support while feeding the baby.

This product has been designed to gently clasp the waist and rest on the lap while feeding. It also comes with a belt that you can use. It offers good support for the arms of the mother.

This product has 5 uses:
1. It ‘s best use is that of a feeding pillow for Baby Aged 0 to 2 years.
2. Once the baby starts turning or moving, you can put them in the curve for back support.
3. After a feed, gently place the baby on the stomach for tummy time.
4. Burping the baby (aged 9 months and upwards) and encouraging it to feed by holding the bottle becomes easy with the 5 in 1 pillow. Simply strap the baby hoop belt to offer bottom support to the baby.
5. It can also be used while making the baby play!

NEW! Get a Belt Around the Waist for extra support. You may even use it without a belt around the waist. Simply pull the two ends of the pillow and adjust it on your waist. This product is designed to gently clasp your waist. Its simple and easy!
Get Arm support to feed the baby while feeding. Dimensions: Height 23 inches, Width 25 inches, Circumference 65 inches, Width of each leg 10 inches, Height – Approx 6 inches.
Product is allergen free.
This product is first vacuum packed in a thick Original Kradyl Kroft Zippered Bag and then put in a white bag for delivery. Contains Imported Materials, hence average delivery time is 3 to 5 days in metros.

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