Nihan Enterprises Smarty New Born Baby Full Sleeping Bedding Set with 2 Side Pillows in a Shape of Puppies ( Blue & Pink ) – ₹ 849.00

Price: ₹ 1,299.00 - ₹ 849.00

provides to our precious user an open door for marvelous baby products which are reasonable by every family .its the soft Non-Toxic and soft fabric bedding set which can be easily used in summers and winters also . Baby will get extreme comfort in this bedding set.they are light weight, warm, soft and comfortable. This includes Non-Toxic and soft fabric full-complete bedding set ( Includes 1 Mattress, 1 quilt, 2 puppies Pillow , 1 normal Small Pillow). This is not only the bedding set for Ur baby , its the another house for baby. We guarantees you that your child would love our product. Plus it will provides a dream comfort to your child. These are demanded products by many users.

Helps to keep baby warm and avoids the baby from rolling
Complete Non-Toxic and soft fabric Bedding Set ( Includes 1 Bedding , 1 quilt, 2 Puppy Pillow , 1 normal Small Pillow)
Size of Product Components ” Size of Non-Toxic and soft fabric bedding “35 inches* 42 inches ” , Size of Quilt “37inches *45inches ” ( Perfect For Child Below 42 Months or 3.5 years)
Plz Note – Designs and Prints May differ (Colour Will Remain Same ),But we promise You will Get the Similar Set And Best Product

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