R for Rabbit Baby Safety Auto Close Indoor Safety Gate for Kids (75~82 cm), White – ₹ 2,999.00

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Price: ₹ 3,699.00 - ₹ 2,999.00

It’s pure joy to watch the toddler move around the house on his/her own but it makes parents worry about child going outdoors by mistake or move to stairs and so R for Rabbit Safe Baby Auto Close Indoor Safety Gate which act as a baby safety gate for your baby to go out of the door. This baby safety gate easy to install on any door and comes with double lock facility. Your curious little one will try to go outdoors as they want to explore more and more so installing this gate will stop them and keep them safe. It has opens and close with 180 degree movement to let you and your little one enter with ease. And the most amazing feature is that it’s just easy to install with no drilling or hole required at the door, just unpack it and make your baby room safe with it. So what you are waiting for buy this elegant looking stair gate.

Safe Baby safety gate comes with double lock for added security for your child
Width can be adjusted from 67 To75 Cm and if you want to extend more for wide door/stair space then you can add 20 cm more with extender (To be purchased separately)
It just takes 5 minutes to install on the door without any drilling work.
Pressure mount design will keep the finishing of wall/door frame unaffected

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