RBC RIYA R Mattress with Mosquito Net & Sleeping Bag Combo 0-6 Months (0-6 Months Pink & White) – ₹ 570.00

Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 570.00

RBC RIYA R brings to you Baby Bedding Set which includes baby sleeping bag and baby mosquito net bed with pillow. Both products have same design cloth, while the sleeping bag provides proper support to the baby while you carry your baby around, the bed can be easily foldable and you can take that bed to anyplace without any worry.
💕 Mosquito Net Bed- Soft and safe, a breathable clear view mesh allows for full air flow and an unobstructed view of your baby, keeping all the terrible and annoying flying mosquitoes, insects out at night . So let your baby get pampered with a feel of mother’s lap on this RBC Riya R baby mattress, because safety and comfort matters the most.
💕 3 In 1 Sleeping Bag – It can be used in 3 ways i.e. one when opened completely it can be used as a bed, two when zipped it can be used to carry your baby and gives a warm feel. It also protects your baby from mosquitoes/bugs and three It can be used as a safe baby covering blanket and the head hood helps to cover your baby’s head and ears.
💕 Sound Sleep- The sleeping bag and the mattress is designed to prevent the baby from falling off the bed. The bag and the mattresses will let your baby sleep in a comfortable position. They are crafted for comfort and convenience to allow your young ones to sleep soundly any time.
💕 Easy To Carry & Foldable- The baby sleeping bag and mosquito net mattress can be easily folded for carrying it in your luggage while travelling or for keeping it protected from dust during storage.

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