Riddles For Kids Age 9-15: 200 Funny and Stimulating Riddles, Trick Questions and Creating Brain Teasers to Entertain Smart Kids and the Whole Family Vol 2.

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Are you ready to spend time with your kids and family in a super funny and stimulating way? Do you want to test and challenge your baby geniuses to improve their thinking skills? Are you searching for a creative and humorous way to boost your party or event at home?!

Children have a need to exercises their brain and thinking creatively. We all have a need to constantly challenge ourselves. In fact, it is often easier to think out of the box when you are younger!

This book contain over 200 riddles to challenge and encourage children to use their thinking abilities. Some are fun and humorous; while others require a little more concentration, even for adults.

This book offers you the opportunity to pass a really extra funny and super quality time with your children

The riddles in this book are non-provocative, contains absolutely no adult content, are witty, educative and intellectual. They range from animals joke to knock-knock, to sport, to education to food and so on. If you want to build a stronger bond with your kids while they live a happy life too, I recommend you to get this.

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