Sunbaby”First Bath” Net Deluxe Bather w/Padded Cushion for Baby, Safety Anti Slip Rubber-for Newborn/Infants,Portable Foldable Bathing wash Training Seat for Baby boy, Girl 0-6 Months (Blue) – ₹ 699.00

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Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 699.00

Sunbaby “first bath” Bather as the weeks go by, bath time becomes quite an animated part of the day, babies have started to get accustomed to the water and have great fun splashing around, playing with the bath toys and they love being without a diaper. Bath time can be made safer by using a special bath tub specifically designed to suit the needs of babies. Bath sling, this bath sling, presented to you by Sunbaby, ensures that your baby loves his bath time. This is specially designed for babies above the age of one year. This can be used in any bath tubs or adult tubs. This is easy to carry and store and comes equipped with suctions for anti-slip. Let your toddlers splash and play during their bath time in this. Non-slip surface and anti slip armrest. Key features – bath tub with soap case, embossed fish design at outer surface. With two sides of anti-slip armrest. Non slip surface provide more comfortable to bath your baby without slipping. Simple drainer let water flows smoothly, no stain will be existed. With anti-slip on bottom to secure baby safe. With water level indicator. Bath sling – non slip and suction for anti slip, easy to carry anywhere and store. Can be used in any bath tub. Items included in package – one bath tub with one bath sling. Additional details – no assembly required. Care and warnings – drowning hazard always keep infant within adult reach. Never lift the product with child in it.

BATH TIME is FUNTIME for infants and toddlers with SUNBABYs strong soft mesh Net Bather . When the Baby is small, the Bather has a soft padded cushion which supports the baby s neck . The curved Strong Net Bather frame supports the babys body while bathing. The Bather is having anti-skid rubber to prevent skids .
HELP THE MOTHER TO BATHE HER BABY WITH EASE: High Quality Net Bather has 3-Position Reclining Backrest .The baby can be made to lie down at whichever angle she or he is comfortable in while bathing. The bather helps the mother in bathing the Newborn Baby as the babys body and neck need complete support during the First 6 months minimum. Also once the Bather is not in Use. it can be dried & folded .
FUN OF BATHING – Scientifically its is proven that water is good for the development of sensory and motor skills of your happy baby. Mostly babies love to play with water which helps them develop a bond between the mother and the Baby. Bathing is an important aspect in a Babys life and it should be always done under a Mother supervision.
BATHER MANUAL :Sunbaby Bather Manual is given along for an easy assembly of the product. Sunbaby Newborn Products Range Includes Strollers , Beautiful Walker , Car Seat, Mats , Wipes , Dry Sheet , Bed , Mosquito Beddings

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