TONY STARK Extra Long Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards Extra Long 16.4 ft Edge , 8 Corner Protectors with Tape Child Safety Furniture Cushions Free Child Safety Door Edge Finger Protector Brown – ₹ 449.00

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Price: ₹ 799.00 - ₹ 449.00

Product Description



Ever wondered that why the babies always run in opposite direction from us in home and get bumped with furniture? It’s no secret that kids love to climb, swing, explore and learn, these things help them to grow but what are we concerned about is their head hitting with furniture’s edge or corner. We never want our babies to have this accidental bump every day, right? To protect our precious one TONY STARK present edge protector, corner guard and most amazingly finger protector for doors.

TONY STARK comes with this super combination of 8 corner protector, 500cm long edge protector with adhesive. These protectors are made up from rubber foam which is pure, dense, and soft to touch that fits to standard tables very effectively.

Together, let’s give them safe and secure spaces to develop their independence.


Let’s know more…


The corner protector has dimension of 3.5×5.5×1.2 cm and the edge protector has 500×3.5×1.5 cm of dimension.


This product contains no BPA, no phthalates, no heavy metals, and no latex also inherently flame-resistant and passed flammability tests.


Density is more important than thickness when it comes to softening impact. TONY STARK foam cushions have a higher density which is much denser than other.

Why TONY STARK Baby Edge Guard

Edge Protectors fit all standard tables of various sizes and shapes.

The strongest hold against little hands that want to take it off the edges.

Meets child safety regulatory standards for your peace of mind.

This foam is the perfect balance of soft impact & thickness and seamlessly blends into your decor.

No tools needed to install, convenient, hassle-free and easy to use.







Lock The Edge

The edge protector comes with a soft, high-density cushion covering that will absorb and protect your family against hard, sharp edges and will prevent serious injuries especially to kids and adults.First fix the corners then customize the length as per the perimeter of your furniture.

Corner Guard

The extra soft and extra protective baby corner cushions help provide a safe area for your toddler to satisfy curiosity and desire to explore.Fit all standard size tables perfectly.This corner guard will help your growing babies to move freely and safely and eases parents concern about accidental bumping babies head to corners of furniture.

Watch Your Finger!

Now don’t scream at your toddler or don’t be the watchman of door for your child as this flexible C shape foam door stopper is perfect for protecting the little hands and fingers of your baby from getting pinched or jammed due to sudden closing of door.It’s easy to attach and fits around any size door.



This is not a toy or a teether.Do not let children bite or chew this product.Do not leave your child unsupervised.Does not use on objects with weak or easily removable finish.


WORK: Impact on sharp edges can pierce the skin as child skin is so sensitive and may also cause bleeding, a heavy rush impact may also cause internal injuries to baby. The use of corner protector will address both. Its design increase the contact surface at the time of impact and simultaneously the foamy nature of material absorb the impact of the fall.
DOOR STOPPER: Flexible C Shape foam door stopper is perfect for protecting the little hands and fingers of your baby, toddler, or child from getting pinched or jammed due to a door closing. It’s easy to attach and fits around any size door.
STANDARD 5 Meter Tape : The pack includes Standard 5 Meter tape which is to strong even in the extreme and tough condition with high adhesive and safe tape, it is 4 times adhesive than the normal 3m tape in the market, we provide the best long-lasting protection solution
Safe material: Our material is safe for the babies it’s made up of pure raw material form non-toxic and eco-friendly material keep the vision of child health safety. It brings no harm to the furniture if you want to pull it down.

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