Toys Treasure Pizza Party Fast Food Pretend Cooking & Cutting Play Set Toy for Kids – ₹ 259.00

Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 259.00

9 food items like pizza, burger, French fries, softy, cold drink/slurpy, ketchup, omelette. Fork, knife, chopping board and plate included. Made of plastic each food item is divided in to two parts with tape inside to bring the two parts closer so that when the child uses the toy knife to cut the food, it is broken in two slices. Strong, sturdy fine finish. On toxic plastic. Improves hands-on ability and imagination of kids. Safe to play with and store for reuse.

The provided Pizza Toy is not too hard for the kids to cut or slice them up, as joined by tape, but challenging enough to separate the pieces into halves and practice early fractions
Package Includes: 9 pieces 3xpizza, 1x French fries, 1x softy, 1x cold drink, 1x ketchup, 1xknife, 1xchopping board is included. All made of durable and strong plastic, sturdy and fine finish
LEARN THE ROLE OF TOY: The kids learn the usage of several elements, obtain the gist of utilization and learn the roles of the toy parts that they shall use in their later life, at some point
REALISTIC LOOKING: The kitchen toys include a full assortment of plastic play food in bright colors. Highly realistic

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